At Engage Minds Learning we are passionate about early years, inspiring our little ones to be the ‘thinkers & doers’ of the future.

We have embarked on a journey, The Curiosity Approach, which inspires children through curiosity, awe and wonder. Through this approach, children learn through the use of authentic resources, recycled materials and loose parts. Our mindful and passionate team will look to create amazing play spaces for children, where they have the opportunity to become inquisitive capable learners.

Our setting provides valuable learning experiences for children as inspired by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches which promote meaningful and respectful relationships between the child, family, teacher and environment through careful observation, thought-provoking exchanges and mindful documentation.

Throughout the day the children engage in self-directed play within a carefully prepared environment.  The environment is well ordered and intentional and designed to provide invitations to entice the children to explore current knowledge and create new.