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We accept children nearly 3 years and above for each programme offered.
Early intervention is critical to the development of the child.

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This learning centre is equipped with CCTV cameras for surveillance purposes, the main door is locked from the inside, and parents can ring the doorbell for entrance access. Parents can also monitor all the cameras from the lobby area.

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For pricing enquiries, send us an e-mail at info@engagemindslearning.com or give us a call at +6732672672 to set up an appointment for a more detailed explanation on the programmes. We also have the pricing information in our brochures available for download at the Programmes section.

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If child is not picked up 15 minutes after class, a fee of BND3 for every 30 minutes will be charged.

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To set up an appointment for your child’s enrollment, evaluation or a tour of the learning centre and their facilities, give us a call at +6732672672 or send an e-mail at info@engagemindslearning.com , and our staff will gladly guide you through the registration process.

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Engage Minds Learning requires photos of the daily activities the children are doing which will be posted in this website, other social media accounts (such as Facebook & Instagram) and a parent communication application (Storypark) to enhance the services that we provide. Names will not be included with any photos. Parents should notify us beforehand if they prefer the photos of their child to be unpublished.