Preschool is often the first time your child ventures out from home without you. At Engage Minds Learning we are aware of this and strive to make school an extension of the home creating a magical environment where children aged 30 months and above can be just that, children.

At EML we value children as equals, in the learning process believing that all children have a drive to learn given the right environment to flourish. Each child’s learning journey will look different as their identity as individuals, knowledge, creativity and strong personalities,will influences the experiences that they seek out and the knowledge that they will amass.

We believe in a family-like mixed age groups where children learn from and with each other. We ensure that children have  autonomy to make their own decisions about how to spend their time with the support of our facilitators who are responsive, reflective and caring.

We are heavily inspired by Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Steiner and Te Whariki that all promote a child centred approach to education. We value natural resources, loose parts as well as real and authentic equipment to create pockets of wonder and an environment that is ever inspiring.

Most of all we believe in play and that through play there are unlimited opportunities to learn, connect and create with a child. Through these play experiences the child begins to make sense of their world and how to function in it.

We offer three intakes; January, May and September. Get in contact with us today to see what spaces we have available for your child.

You may book an appointment at +673 267 2672. Visits are scheduled on Saturday mornings

*For inquiries, please contact us here.