Simply because nobody can plan learning better that the child himself. And it is almost always through play, the most sophisticated, most artistic and most logic.

Our educational approach is rooted in a deep humanistic attitude based on a belief in human possibilities, deep respect for the child and a conviction that all children are born rich and intelligent with a strong inherent driving force to explore the world.

Our way of working is inspired by the approach in Reggio Emilia ie. that the basic idea is that all children are born competent. We assume the individual child, its thoughts and world. We provide no ready answers to things without helping the child in its endeavor to form a personal opinion or decision.

In Reggio Emilia, one talks about making the child more visible, teaching himself his teaching.

In our setting we encourage and allow them to develop their creativity and let the imagination flow freely. We are based on each child and what they bring in their backpack.

Our instrument for listening and taking care of the child’s thoughts and ideas is educational documentation.

The most important task of the environment lies in inviting the child into independent exploration. An environment is adapted to the child’s needs and is constantly changing and requires flexible solutions.

The environment is built for meetings between children and adults to divide the areas into different corners creating these opportunities “the third pedagogue”. The environment tells you what happens at preschool through documentation, information and projects and activities.

The children may try their own thoughts and theories, thus giving the children confidence in their own ability to create, learn, choose and influence. We let fantasy and humor play a big part. We see the child group as an educational resource, which together tests hypotheses and seeks solutions. We emphasize the creation of knowledge as a red thread in the business.