Specialised Programmes


Personalised programmes for children with specific needs in the areas of social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills development, speech and language development, cognitive, reasoning and self-help development.

A plan of care for children who have complex needs in order to provide educational opportunities through communication and daily living skills at a functional level.

For further information, click on the links below available for each programme.

P.E.C.S. groups are limited to 8 children, along with our in-house trained and experienced therapists, teachers and assistants. This is to focus more on each individual child’s growing educational needs.

All other specialised programmes are offered as one-to-one teaching or group of 8 children.

Sessions are designed based on the child’s current level and discussions with parents.

Prices vary based on child’s diagnosis and current level of evaluation.

Speech Therapy
Developing communication skills through oral motor exercises, Augmentative and Alternative Communication to improve and strengthen receptive and expressive language and pragmatic skills along developmental lines.

Phonics Programme
A UK born synthetic phonics approach that provides highly practical blending, segmenting and reading techniques through phonemic awareness.

Mathematics Programme
Numeracy knowledge using Numicon – An award winning programme that offers a robust and reliable assessment for mathematical conversation, reasoning and problem-solving.

P.E.C.S. Programme
Picture Exchange Communication System is a non-verbal symbolic communication training. It is a form of augmentative communication intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder and related developmental disabilities.

Speech Therapy
Each session is 1 hour long, 2 sessions per week (minimum)

Phonics, Mathematics and Language
Each session is 2 hours long, twice a week

P.E.C.S Programme
3 hours per session, 4 times a week

Therapists involved in the P.E.C.S. programme: Hayati, Shameem, Reshmi, Kevin

Staffs involved in the Phonics, Reading, Speech Therapy, Mathematics programme: Cristina, Sid, Reshmi.

Following are the steps on how to register with us:

Download our Storypark, Programme Syllabus and Programme Routine brochures to learn more about the programme.
Either drop in to our learning centre for a registration form, or download and fill in our registration form and send it to info@engagemindslearning.com.
Once we receive your e-mail, we will call you to set up an appointment with us for a tour of the facilities, evaluation and schedule.
Billing and payment will be due once registration is completed, and the rest is billed on a monthly basis.

Give us a call at +6732672672 to set up an appointment with us, and our staff will gladly guide you through the registration process.

Click the links above to know all the necessary information required to learn more about our programme in detail. If you are interested to enroll your child, feel free to reach us out through any of the contact methods below to set an appointment before coming to our learning centre.
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